Saturday, May 9, 2015

Adding Engagement to Responses

Hi there!

I've seen all over the Bloggersphere that teachers everywhere are slacking on their Blogs. That makes me feel a TAD less guilty, as I put myself right in that category. ;) We have a mere 4 weeks (4 WEEKS!) until the end of the year. With summer fever on the rise and running rampant in my classroom, I find my kiddos hard to engage. The antidote? Activities that can't help but enthrall learners.
I designed a lesson around a reading to introduce my kiddos with having a critical eye regarding movies and the media. To continue the theme through the lesson, I wanted to have a media inspired response to the reading. My answer to that was a Twitter inspired response!

To introduce the lesson, I showed the kiddos my own Twitter page. We discussed hash tags and what makes a good tweet. Then, the students were instructed to compose their own tweet about something they learned in their reading. I reviewed the tweets, and the next day the kiddos decorated them. To make it interactive and add some technology, the students then recorded themselves reading their tweet. I will create QR codes to put next to the tweets in the hallway so passersby can enjoy the tweet direct from the author. :) I'll post the finished bulletin board once it's all said and done.

You can use my short response format for FREE from my TPT store. Click here to access it. :) Feedback, as always, is so appreciated from this TPT newcomer.

With Love from Texas through this final stretch,