Sunday, July 12, 2015

Biggest Summer Revelation- COMMUNITY

Hi there, friends!

Well, we are into the dog days of summer. Mine has been selfishly filled with books upon books, my goal of living a healthier lifestyle involving Camp Gladiator (check it out here-- awesome outdoor group workout!), and MOVING.. not far just half an hour away! :) 

What has it not been filled with? Well.... I hate to admit it, but not a whole lot regarding school. Sure, I've attended two AMAZING workshops via my district- one involving instructional technology and one involving teaching nonfiction literature. I've also participated in a book chat about the book A Whole New Mind (an incredibly interesting read regarding education and the workforce in this new world geared towards right brained thinkers). However, I haven't engaged in what I feel is the most IMPORTANT type of learning... self guided. 

Well, friends, I am back on the horse. Summer is a fabulous time for relaxing and rejuvenating. Now that that part is done, I'm ready to rock n' roll. Through this, I came to realize something... In summer, with the absence of students, deadlines, and projects, my professional learning community is what keeps me going. They are the ones who encouraged me to get out there and try/learn something new!! 
I want to extend a HUGE thank you to my dear friend Whitney Parlin over at At Whit's End. She never ceases to amaze me.. I don't know how she does all that she does, I think she has more hours in the day than everyone else. Whitney, or WP as we call her on our 4th grade team because both our mommas like the same name, is a driving force in my professional development. She will text me links to great Blog posts, call me spontaneously to try to go to the TPT conference, and message me on Facebook about all the biggest and best coming out in the world of education and technology. I hope to instill the passion in others that she does in me. :)

I also have sweet Lila from The Polka Dotted Pencil to thank! Lila and I both began our teaching career at the same time. She also started her Blogging and TPT adventures around the same time as me. (Sidenote: If you haven't read or seen any of Lila's stuff, go fix that right now. She is such a creative, inspiring teacher with her fun outlook and positive attitude!) I have looked to her for the past 3 years for companionship, collaboration and as a thinking board. Over this summer, I have seen her working tirelessly through social media to share her learning and delve into the education world. She infuses my education world with

These two ladies are two of so so many in my world. I simply cannot list all the good that all the people around me have done. It's my hope that this post introduces you to two educators who are near and dear to my heart. If you already know them, then lucky you! ;) I also hope it encourages you to surround yourself by educators who won't take complacency for an answer. These ladies have driven me to improve myself. Everyone should have a support system like that. :)

For those who want to build their community, I advise you to check out:

  • TWITTER-- Watch or participate in a Twitter chat and follow inspiring people! Here is a great resource that lists every education chat. Make it a goal to follow one this week :)
  • GOOGLE PLUS-- This is a new one for me, but I've spoken with many educators who love the connections and collaboration made possible through Google Plus communities. Click here to find the Educators of Google Plus page. 
  • INSTAGRAM-- Follow and post pictures sharing your learning! Popular educator hashtags for Instagram include: #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #iteachtoo #iteach(fill in grade) 

I would LOVE to be a part of your Professional Learning Community (PLC) as well! Please follow me on Twitter @Ms_Alexanderson and on here. I would love to interact and learn with you. 

With Love from Texas,


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