Wednesday, July 22, 2015

BLOG HOP CHALLENGE: Turning Beliefs into Actions

Eeek! Forgive me if I sound like a giddy, overly excited teacher, but that's what I am right now! I recently posted a blog about my experience of writing down my beliefs to turn them into a compass for my actions (see the blog post here). My sweet friend and fabulous educator Monica MeGown from Mrs. MeGown's Second Grade Safari encouraged me to spread the message by encouraging others to partake in the challenge via a Blog Hop.

Emotions I typically feel nearing the beginning of the year: excitement, stress, happiness, stress, giddiness, and... stress. Is anyone with me? There is just SO MUCH to be done! What better way to start off the year by reminding yourself of your purpose?? If you are able to answer the WHY behind organizing your classroom library (again), triple checking that your borders are straight, and designing the first week of school activities, it takes away the stress and replaces it with JOY. Because those books are for eager eyes and opened hearts ready to take on adventures, those borders are stapled down to showcase proud student work, and the first week activities establish a safe, fun, and loving environment for the year. 

So, friends, I pose a challenge to you. What are your education beliefs? What do you feel strongly about? What spins around in your head as you lie in bed at night? Take your time, don't be afraid to use your eraser, and open your mind to the WHY of what you do.


1. Help spread the word by sharing the social media button (located on FB and above)

Signing up is now closed. Anyone who signs up past this point will unfortunately not be able to participate, as I need to organize the hop. Thank you to those 40+ educators who have done so!! 

2. BY SUNDAY 7/26: Fill out this Google Form to let me know that you are participating in the Blog Hop
**I will send out an email by Wednesday 7/29 detailing the Blog hop (who will link to you & who you will link to). I will also send out a graphic to advertise the Blog Hop so others who aren't participating can read.**

3. Advertise the event by posting the social media button that I will send out on Wednesday! This will generate interest and excite others about what we are doing.

4. BY FRIDAY 7/31: Consider and jot down your education beliefs. Once done, write a blog post about your beliefs. Possible channels your post could take: How did this activity help you as an educator? How will this shape your upcoming year? Why do you think your beliefs are what they are- what shaped them? Did you learn anything about yourself while doing this? You could create a graphic detailing your beliefs, borrow one of my templates, or simply write a post! Whatever works best. Be sure at the end of your post that you link to the next educator in the loop! Click HERE to see my templates. Feel free to save PNG, upload it to ppt and edit it to make it your own.

5. SHOW SOME LOVE BY SUNDAY 8/2: At the risk of sounding too much like a teacher... feedback is a great tool, right?! Leave a comment on the educator's post before you, as well as the two educators after you. This will be 3 comments total, and it will also generate a lot of views for your own blog!! Comments create smiles. :)

OFFICIAL HASHTAGS: #imaBELIEVER #actions2beliefs

I am SO excited to see what drives everyone!! Different ideas and opinions bring such insight. I am honored to be hosting this Blog Hop. Thank y'all for being such a support. :)

Please, please email me at if you have any questions or comments.

With Love from Texas,


  1. Sounds cool! I'm going back to work next week so this will be a great lead in for me.

    1. Perfect, that's what I was going for!! So glad you are taking part. :)

  2. So looking forward to this! Got my blog post saved and ready!
    Teaching Autism

  3. Thanks so much Whitney! I'm looking forward to joining!!
    Jen~Two Little Birds