Sunday, March 20, 2016

2 Minute Pep Talk for Teachers

Hi there!
The following is an excerpt from an essay I wrote. My sweet friend and teammate Whitney Parlin (Check her out!) encouraged me to share it with others. Hopefully I pulled a Kid President and inspired you to finish this year out strong! You are doing AMAZING things. 
Staring at the glaring computer screen, my hands rapidly try to type quickly enough to keep up with my brain. Preparing sub plans is a job in it of itself. Please complete the activity by passing out A, discussing B, then assisting the students as they do C and D. Make sure student E doesn’t sit by student F and that student G goes to the nurse at 9am! At 11am, students H, I, and J will go to GT class. Student K has been emotional lately due to troubles at home, so please give him a hug if he needs one. Please make sure students L and M provide their best quality work, as they have been rushing lately. Students N, O, P, and Q will stay in for study hall to redo an assignment. Please let student R know that her mom is picking her up in the front loop today. If she asks, tell student S that no, like always, there will not be free time in class. After school, students T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z will come for Robotics club. Direct them to the video uploaded to Google Drive to teach them how to code the robot to turn in a square. 
Whew!That right there is why, in a world of emerging technologies and things rapidly changing, teachers will never be replaced. We serve as an all-encompassing role for our kiddos. Upon our profession rests the future generation, and we educators do not take that lightly.
We plan, grade, email weekly updates, attend staff meetings, change our plans again, tie shoes, comment on students’ blog posts, attend community driven events, smile with students’ successes and especially with their hardships, gush, “Thank you!” when given another teacher mug. We replan, speak with enthusiasm because if we aren’t excited about poetry, how can they be?, search online to find the best way to teach topic sentences, engage in a Twitter chat about learning in the 21st century, greet each person as he or she walks through the door, cut ourselves counting stacks of paper, comb hair on picture day, change our plans one last time, cry when a student loses a parent, write with clear, centered script on anchor charts. 
We leave school feeling exhausted and accomplished at another day spent with the people who make you the happiest, and wake up the next day to do it all again.

Why? Because we love kiddos. It’s what we do, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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